Commercial Property Management and Brokerage Services
in the Greater Los Angeles Region

Property Management Services

Our unique approach to property management, specializing by property type and location provides a level of service unmatched in the industry. We establish a personal and professional communication package for each client. We understand that different owners have different requirements and we tailor our level of communication to meet your needs. Insignia PMG provides all of the benefits of in-house property managers with none of the aggravation (or, in all candor, the headache?!) of additional employees----and, at a fraction of the cost! If you are looking for hassle-free ownership, call Insignia PMG!

Our Standard package includes the following services:

Lease Administration

  • Prompt rent collection, processing & enforcement
  • Operating expense pass- through administration and reconciliation
  • CAM administration and reconciliation
  • Annual rental rate increase calculation and administration

Tenant Services

  • Customized tenant retention program
  • Prompt and courteous communication
  • Multi-lingual staff (including Mandarin Chinese)
  • Tenant Care Center providing various options for reporting any maintenance issues

Management and Financial Reporting

  • Detailed monthly financial reports including itemized accounts payable, rent rolls, balance sheets and P & L statements
  • Preparation of an annual operating budget
  • Accounts payable---process, approve and pay all bills
  • Year end reporting

Cost Control and Vendor Services

  • Maintain all vendor files
  • Annual insurance review
  • Bid negotiation and vendor pre-screening
  • Service contract analysis and annual review
  • Energy Optimization

Routine Maintenance

  • At Insignia PMG we believe that there is no substitute for visual inspections!
  • Regular site inspection reporting—we combine field work and technology!
  • Grounds maintenance including landscaping and hardscaping
  • Common area and exterior lighting analysis and maintenance
  • HVAC analysis and maintenance
  • Prompt graffiti removal and control

Preventive Maintenance

  • Proactive preventive maintenance program to minimize future repairs and reduce liability exposure
  • Focus on safety, health and appearance of property with our hands-on approach
  • Keep ‘em small: We identify and address small problems before they can mushroom into major, or costly issues!

Emergency Maintenance

  • Local maintenance personnel through-out the region, on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 24 hour emergency Hotline
  • Uniquely qualified to respond to emergency situations and challenges faced by Southern California property owners

We Sweat The Small Stuff!