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Las Tunas Plaza
POSTED BY  Las Tunas Plaza   |   POSTED ON  1/22/2013   |   View More Testimonials

We are a commercial strip mall in San Gabriel and have been able to take care of leasing matters ourselves for the past 20 years.  However, the recent poor economy hit us hard, so we decided to hire a professional real estate broker for the first time.  The timing was fortuitous in Esteban Felix introducing himself and Insignia PMG to us.  We chose him over others based on his professionalism, energy and initiative.  We felt he would give us personal service and work hard to fill the vacancies and he has fulfilled every expectation.  He has successfully filled several vacancies and we are now 100% occupied. We have encountered several complicated and difficult situations along the way, and Esteban has stepped up and worked with the city to get businesses into our center.  We would happily recommend Insignia PMG to anyone needing leasing or property management services.  Esteban and Insignia PMG have the knowledge, skills and resources needed to get the job done.


Las Tunas Plaza